Plumbing & Mechanical Services

Excel Plumbing is an effective and Customer-centric Plumbing & mechanical solutions-provider in the fields of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental Customers.

For the HomeownerResidential Plumbing Bolton

Whether you require a modest dishwasher installation, or are building your new custom dream home from the ground-up, Excel Plumbing can help you achieve all your plumbing goals and challenges with professional, effective, and code-compliant solutions that are guaranteed to work.

To help reinforce optimal Customer satisfaction and minimize potential misunderstandings, we encourage  open, two-way communication through every step of the work process.  Options are laid out, and all known pros & cons are detailed to help you stay in control of the situation and allow you to make the most informed decision possible (after all it IS your property; you have every right to know exactly what is being done to it!)

Along with all standard Plumbing installation and service, Excel Plumbing also specializes in the following areas:

  • Water treatment: RO systems, water softeners, UV light systems, and filtration
  • Flood prevention: backwater valves and storm sump pits
  • Septic sewage pumps and systems
  • Private well pumps
  • Backflow and cross-connection prevention
  • Water pressure and drain flow challenges
  • Water hammer or noisy pipe issues
  • Supply & installation of CSA-approved plumbing fixtures and equipment
  • Inspecting and remedying of existing plumbing issues and systems not currently to Building Code

Life is hectic enough as it is.  Trust Excel Plumbing in helping make your existing Plumbing issues or challenges a thing of the past, so that you can focus more on what really matters to you.  Call us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our outstanding Plumbing expertise!

Commercial and IndustrialCommercial and Industrial Plumbing

Excel Plumbing provides an entire spectrum of Plumbing & mechanical services to fulfil the unique demands often required for office buildings, food establishments, manufacturing facilities, underground parking facilities, and commercial base buildings.  Among traditional plumbing systems, our commercial services include:

  • Pumps and hot water recirculation lines
  • Fire sprinkler protection
  • Cellular glass Insulation and vinyl & aluminum jacketing
  • Heat-tracing and frost-protection
  • Process piping and air lines
  • Backflow and cross-connection prevention
  • Oil and grease interceptors
  • Metered area drain and underground drainage services
  • Specialty equipment installation


Institutional: Hospital, Medical, and LaboratoryInstitutional: Hospital, Medical, and Laboratory Plumbing

Having had vast Plumbing and mechanical experience in the hospital and laboratorial environments, Excel Plumbing is acutely sensitive to the delicate intricacies of working in medical environments.

We’re aware that many of such Plumbing projects and services may need to be carried out among the sick, elderly, or patients awaiting treatment.  This is why patient care & sensitivity, and bystander comfort and safety is among our highest priorities.  Our people strive to maintain a professional, friendly, and empathetic demeanour at all times to ensure that patients and staff experience minimal inconvenience, disturbance, and distress.

Oftentimes, when projects must be carried out among or involving expensive and delicate equipment and instrumentation, Excel Plumbing oversees every conceivable precaution to ensure that all equipment and surroundings remain safe, clean, and undamaged.

Some of our Hospital, Medical, and Laboratorial services include:

  • Specialty, handicap, and tamper-proof fixtures
  • Emergency eye washes and showers
  • Anti-scald mixing valves
  • Dental equipment installation
  • Chilled water and recirculation lines
  • Glass drainage piping
  • Reverse Osmosis water systems