Our avenue is Exceptional Plumbing, but our true product is Peace of Mind.  We do this by providing you with the highest-quality, most effective, and secure solutions for all your plumbing & mechanical challenges.

At Excel Plumbing, It really is all about the Customer.

Established in 2010, Excel Plumbing was formed upon – and continues to be driven – by the principles of Integrity, a consistent strive for optimal workmanship, and above all: What’s in the best interest of the Customer.

Bearing witness to a Plumbing industry riddled with shoddy workmanship, exaggerated prices, and questionable business practices, business founder Frank Spatone had decided to do his part in helping restore the general public’s dismal and fading consumer confidence within industry.  So Frank put his best foot forward, and started upon an ongoing mission to consistently deliver superior Customer service and the outstanding workmanship that Customers deserve.

Hence the birth of Excel Plumbing & Mechanical Solutions.

Our name says it all

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “Excel” as:

“To surpass in accomplishment or achievement; do or be better than.”

It’s this single word which precisely defines our business model:  We exist primarily because Plumbing customers deserve better than what’s been available, and we promise to deliver that superior quality and Customer service consistently.  Always.  Forever.

‘Excel’ doesn’t equal ‘Arrogant’

Just because we pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding professional plumbing work and valued Customer service, we’re strong believers that there’s always a way to do something better.

This is why we crave your feedback and criticism – whether positive or negative.  Come to think of it, we want to hear from you especially if we haven’t met you needs in even the slightest way.

Peace of Mind

We’ve all been there.  Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, nor how much you’ve planned & prepared, old Murphy’s Law rears its head and makes ugly of an otherwise straight-forward situation.

Because of this, you can rest assured that your premises is protected by a comprehensive Liability Insurance coverage policy in the unlikely event that any work carried out results in damages.

This is also why your services will be performed by no less than an Ontario Ministry-Certified licensed Plumber, and not a vaguely-titled ahem!, “technician” as many plumbing service companies boast to offer.  Quite truly, the difference between one who is licensed and non-licensed with respect to training, technical abilities, and Plumbing code-compliance and knowledge is tremendous.

You deserve nothing less.  No matter whom you decide to hire for your Plumbing work, we urge you to please be sure to first ask for concrete proof of the employee’s Certified Plumbing license and business liability insurance coverage.  Your family’s health and safety could depend on it.

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